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The Corner Store

A Unique Store full of interesting vintage and antique finds as well as a fully-stocked hardware store!

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About Us!

Welcome to The Corner Store! We've got a unique mix of vintage items and antiques, as well as all the hardware items for home repairs. The store is run by Community Employment, and we hire folks with developmental disabilities from our community. We also have the Corner Cafe Food Truck right in front of the store, where you can grab some tasty treats. And if you need help with lawn care, we've got you covered too! At The Corner Store, we're all about bringing people together and making our community a better place. So come on in, find some cool stuff, and support a good cause!

The Corner Store

Discover a treasure trove of vintage and antique gems. We carry an array of artwork, furniture, household items, and more! Need tools and supplies for your latest home projects? Look no further! The Corner Store offers a diverse range of top-quality hardware essentials and a vast paint selection to equip you for any task at hand. 

Welcome to our lawn services! We value community inclusion and offer meaningful job opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities. Our team takes pride in maintaining properties within the Fayette community. Contact us for more information!

The Corner Cafe Food Truck, located in front of The Corner Store, offers breakfast from Monday to Friday and lunch on Mondays. It provides job opportunities for individuals with disabilities, creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Enjoy delicious meals while supporting a cause that celebrates diversity and empowers the community. Join us today!

500 North Cleveland 

Fayette, MO. 65248


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