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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page!

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  • What is Community Employment?
    Community Employment (CE) in Howard County, Missouri, offers employment services to individuals with disabilities, creating valuable job opportunities within the community. Facilitated by Braun Home, CE operates through various avenues such as the Corner Store, Corner Café Food Truck, and Corner Store Lawn Services. This program has proven to be a stepping stone for individuals, allowing them to transition into community jobs beyond the scope of Braun Home. CE enables financial independence and encourages integrating individuals with disabilities into the broader workforce.
  • What is Respite Care?
    Respite Care is a service for family members and guardians for short-term stays and services with the Braun Home. The Braun Home has three respite beds for overnight stays.
  • What care services are available?
    The Braun Home offers a large variety of services to the individuals we support as well as other waivered individuals in the surrounding communities. Recently we have established a successful day program in Glasgow, and we are also mainly in the process of beginning another day program in Moberly. Our Community employment team has grown substantially over the past several years, and the success rate is something to cheer about! Our individuals are supported through a variety of local businesses. Our community support for the work that we do is respected and appreciated. We continue to grow our services to meet the needs of those we support.
  • What living services do you provide?
    The Braun Home provides a range of housing services tailored to diverse needs. These offerings include Independent Supportive Living (ISL) Homes and Apartments; specialized options exist for individuals with hearing impairments and those with higher medical needs. The Braun Home also has three Respite beds. These housing solutions are designed to accommodate various levels of independence and support, ensuring that individuals can find a living situation that aligns with their preferences and requirements.
  • Can an individual have a pet?
    Yes. Depending on the home and the individual living arrangements, pets may be allowed. The support team meets to discuss the request, and should all parties agree an animal would be a good fit and they have established how the funding to support the pet will be made, the pet may be approved. All individuals residing in the home would be considered before the Braun Home would agree to the lease adjustment.
  • What experience is needed to be employed?
    None, but experience in this field is a plus. The Braun Home offers on-the-job training and certification for all DMH requirements.
  • Do you run background checks?
    Yes, The Braun Home utilizes the Family Care Safety Registry for our background screenings.
  • What benefits are provided?
    The Braun Home offers a generous benefits package. PTO, Hospital time, Medical, Dental, and Vision (Dental and Vision covered 100% by the employer for the employee). We also have supplemental insurance offered should you wish to enroll. The Braun Home pays for the employee to have term life insurance. We offer 401K with a 5% company match, bonuses for our Home Managers and Professional Managers, Christmas Bonuses for all staff, scholarship opportunities for all staff and their children, referral and sign-on bonuses for those who qualify, and continuing education.
  • Do I need a driver’s license or a car to work here?
    No, The Braun Home will ask for two forms of ID; however, there are several options for you to provide should you not have a valid driver's license. No employee without a license will be allowed to transport any individual in the company car or their personal vehicle for any reason.
  • What does training look like?
    Training lasts four days. This is comprehensive training that will cover all certification requirements of the Department of Mental Health that allows you to work with our individuals. The core courses are Med Aid, First Aid, CPR, and Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI). In the training week, we will also instruct our core values, information about Abuse and Neglect, Positive Behavior Supports, and other imperative classes. By the end of the training, you will have an understanding of all areas listed above. The training doesn't stop there, though! We continue with in-home orientation and continuing education throughout your career with us!


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